A Very Short Tour of a Very Dear Shed

Some Post-Death-Cleaning Residue....

Sep 4, 2022
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So, I arrived back home in California last Wednesday and am now….well, resting, mostly. But wanted to share this video I took back on the 26th, of the beloved shed.

Also, I know that some of you had requested higher-quality images of some pages from Lincoln in the Bardo. I’ve attempted that, below. To tell the truth, even I can’t read most of what’s scrawled there. The way this works for me is, I’m reading along, have an idea, write something down very quickly, and then, within a few minutes, will be typing it in. So the markings just have to get me in the ballpark of what I meant to say. Or, you know, I retain the memory of it even without the writing, once I see where it’s supposed to go.

So here are two rather extensively marked pages….

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